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Ebook A Little Story

A Little Story

Imagine walking through a beautiful field, you look at the sun shine and beautiful flowers and birds singing. Suddenly, it starts to get a little darker. You look at the sky, it is covered with gray clouds, it seems that the rain is threatening to fall in abundance. It gives you the impression that a big storm might be on its way.

You remember you have an umbrella, you take it, you prepare for what is coming. Your umbrella gives you peace of mind, because you know that if the rain falls, you will be protected. You have the certainty that the umbrella will open and cover you. Whether the storm falls or not, you have no control, but you know you are ready.

You are aware that worrying and getting anguished will not be beneficial for you nor will it make the storm go away. On the contrary, it will make you lose the joy of the present moment, it will distract you from the beauty of the landscape, and it will make you think about the gloomy clouds above you.

Thinking about the possible storm creates stress, which, in consequence, will unnecessarily start a mental storm full of pessimistic possibilities that do not contribute anything to avoid the storm or prepare you better for it.

Being aware of how harmful it is to think about the storm, you focus on being joyful and at peace, enjoying what you have at the present and all the beauty around you.

So you decide to continue your path with tranquility while enjoying the birds sing, the lovely fresh breeze and beautiful colors of the flowers. You are at peace and happy living the present moment.

You smile, because you are sure that behind those gray clouds is the sun, whichwill soon shine again.

Key Elements of the Story

The Storm:
The storm represents inevitable situations or possible obstacles in your life, things you have no control over, that can affect your mood and how you feel, without necessarily changing the course of your life.

The Umbrella:
Represents God, His Love and protection over you.

See the Umbrella and Take It:
It represents is when you recognize what it is in your hands to do, what kind of preparation or actions you should take for the storm and get ready, you do your part before it gets there.

The Umbrella Gives You Peace of Mind:
It represents, you acknowledge that God protects you from things which you have no control over.

The Certainty That the Umbrella Will Open:
It represent. your faith in God. Being sure that the umbrella will open if the storm arrives is to have the strong faith of God’s protection in adversities beyond your control.

Aware of the Good of the Present Moment:
It represents, deciding to focus on being happy and enjoying what you have today.

The Sun Behind:
It is the hope that everything will pass and a bright future will come.

Applying the Key Components of the Story

Remember the little story and you will see that you will remember the important components to find joy and be peaceful during a storm.

Gloomy clouds in the sky…