How to be happy around difficult people

How to be happy around difficult people

Journey Description

If you feel that you have people in your life who by their attitudes, words, actions make your life not so pleasant, this journey is for you. This journey will change your life, IT IS A GIFT THAT YOU WILL GIVE YOURSELF. A 30-day journey to learn to live together and be happy difficult people.

Transform your Life:
The purpose of this journey is that you learn to see the good in difficult people, to understand them and take away the power that you have given them over you, in order to regain your peace and happiness. See them as God sees them.

Learn to love with Gods Love, learn to understand and accept.

Key Elements of the Journey:

  • See difficult people in your life with love and kindness
  • Learn from daily experience to understand and accept actions of difficult people.
  • Retrieve your peace and joy
  • You will be surprised how little by little these difficult people become more lovable and you become happier.

30 days

Dynamics of the Journey
Weekly sessions of about 1 hour of learning and sharing experiences, and daily exercises to create happy habits.

Journey Includes:

  • Audiobook
  • Digital or paper journal,
  • Ebook or printed book,
  • On demand journey videos,
  • Support group during the journey

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