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Where is the Inspiration coming from?

Who Writes and What is the Mission


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We have over 16 publications between books, workbooks and journals to help you find your life purpose and joy.

In this mission of transforming lives to bring them closer to God, so that through faith they find purpose, the purpose that God has for them.  By doing that, one live a more fulfilled life, free from fears and anxieties and filled with love and purpose. 

We open the doors to anyone who wants to be part of this mission, everyone who feels the call of God to participate.​

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Making My Life Better One Day at a Time


Acts of Kindness

Change your world around you with kindness. Find happiness by bringing goodness to others.

How to be happy around difficult people

How to be Happy Around Difficult People


Daily Challenges

Dare to do the Daily Challenges. It is fun, exciting and inspirational.



Happiness is a daily decision

Where did all this come from

Everything is God’s inspiration, everything is God, I am only his instrument. In the part of The Mission and Who Writes you will be able to know a little more about me and where all this content comes from.



This page was born as an inspiration after receiving, what I consider, messages from God. He, I’m sorry, asked me to take his Word to everyone, without discriminating, without judging, without anything, only taking who else I could. So that’s why I decided to make this website. What started with a website full of inspiring messages, then led to books and now they have become courses and workshops. It did that everything that is written here was born.



Una vez entendí cual era mi propósito, y el propósito de estos mensajes, tras recibir un mensaje largo, que considero es la introducción fue recibido. Y es el siguiente:
Dios nos dio un propósito en la vida a y es nuestro deber saber cual es. Él nos provee con todo, todo lo que necesitamos. Dios es amor…

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God Is who Guides my writings

I am a simple person like you who read this. My faith has grown over the years. I have always been a believer in God and all my life I have been a follower of Jesus.

Everything you see on this page, in the books, is directed by God, it is He who guides my steps, it is He who has brought me here.

My life purpose is to bring his teachings to everyone through books, courses and workshops. The entrusted mission is to take his messages to everyone and change lives, so that they return to him.

Carolina Duarte

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What those who have done the courses say ...

The courses were very productive for me. The workshop was a space to do internal work, identify areas to improve, things to be thankful for, and define actions to take. The idea of offering daily meditation sessions seemed like a perfect complement to keep up with the workshop.


The dynamics, it is great to be able to do the activities in the book, and share with others. 



I liked the course because it gave me space and time for myself. The author developed the workshop with dedication. 



All books are inspired by God to help everyone to be who God created them to be.

They were born to go hand in hand with exercise books, to accompany each other on this path.

The inspiration and author of everything is and always will be God. Without Him we are nothing. I am only His instrument, His messenger, I am at His Service.

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