In the mission entrusted by God to carry His messages to all, I have decided to include scholarships and sponsorships. I understand that many people who need it do not have the resources to pay for a course, books, in short have the necessary access to receive the messages and teachings, that is why I have created scholarships and sponsorships. These are given to people who do not have the resources and would like to take the courses, have the books, do the workshops, etc.

Do you need a scholarship or sponsorship?

Scholarships are limited and awarded to the people who need it most and who are really going to seize the opportunity to get a scholarship for the life-changing course. If you are awarded a scholarship, you have the commitment to attend all the classes, fulfill the assigned activities with excellence and do your best to make this experience as transformative as possible for you.

This program works in the following way

People interested in obtaining these scholarships or sponsorships must fill out a form, telling their story and explaining why they need the workshops, how it would benefit them in their life and their occupation, and tell a little about their financial situation.

Based on that, it is defined whether the person qualifies for a scholarship and the percentage at which they qualify.


From the earnings of each and every one of the courses, workshops, books, etc. that are sold on this website and on Amazon or other means, 10% goes to these scholarships, in order to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to receive these beautiful teachings.

Personal Sponsorships

If you know someone who could benefit from any of the workshops, books, courses, etc. There are several ways that you could help more people to access all these materials you can do through sponsorships. It can be a family friend, we have gift vouchers and other methods for sponsorships.

Organization Sponsorships

If you are part of an organization whatever it is, and you see that it could help to reach more people, contact us. Your help can be by putting us in contact with people who could benefit. If you are part of a mental health foundation or who are related to the general well-being of people, we could create a scholarship alliance to benefit more people.


Alliances with Other Organizations

If you are an organization whose mission is to help other people to improve, have well-being, self-help, etc. We could create an alliance, join forces, in order to reach more people and help them change their lives positively.