If you are a coach and you see that your coaching style is aligned with the content of this page, contact me, it is possible that together we could help people, help transform lives.

Churches and religious congregations

In this confusing world of hundreds of religions, denominations, beliefs and distractions, the followers of Jesus must unite to carry out the mission of every follower, which is to bring God to the hearts of all, help them grow their faith. I consider that you are my best allies in this mission. So I will knock on doors, I will invite you and it will be up to each of you to accept, question, reject. Only God knows the truth and may He be the one to guide us. If you feel that God guides you to join me and create an alliance to work together, contact me and may God guide our steps. How do I think we could work? By taking courses together, I am willing to share everything I have received from God

Mental Health foundations & organizations

In this chaotic, confusing and complex world where mental health is a problem that is dealt with in silence, it is something that does not differentiate between rich or poor, famous or unknown, age, race … Poverty of love, self-esteem, enthusiasm, just as loneliness, sadness, discouragement, hopelessness, are almost invisible poverties, they are little obvious poverties and perhaps for that reason difficult to detect, identify. Sometimes there is no cry for help, the poverty is so great that they cannot ask for help. That is the poverty that I would like to eliminate through God and faith in Him.

If in your organization they help to improve people’s mental health. I would like to know a little more about the foundation (institution, organization) to see if we can work together in this fight for mental health. Help people to live happier, calm in peace, in joy, with purpose, knowing their real value.

¡Trabajemos juntos!