Happiness a Daily Decision

Journey Description

Enjoy the beautiful journey of discovering the happiness the already exists in your life. This journey helps open your eyes and see that you hav so much to be happy about, even if you don't see it right now.

Transform your Life with Happiness
The purpose is that once you complete the journey you feel happier with your life, your surroundings, yourself and happens around you. You realize that you have so much to be happy about

Key Elements of the Journey:

  • See happiness in daily life
  • Discover what truly makes you happy
  • Change your point of view
  • Train yourself to be happy

Happiness, be happy daily, find happiness within

Journey Duration:
6 weeks

Dynamics of the Journey
Weekly sessions of about 1 hour of learning and sharing experiences, and daily exercises to create happy habits.

Journey Includes:

  • Audiobook
  • Digital or paper journal
  • Ebook or printed book
  • Videos on demand
  • Support group during the journey

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