Who Writes

The Short Story Behind All This Content ...

My Story

It all started in 2014, a time of feeling lost, I looked to God to find a little meaning in everything. I was not going through anything really difficult in my life but inside myself. So, I turned to Him looking for more meaning in my life. In my silent visits to church I began to feel him closer, I felt that I had taken the time to want to meet him. I asked, prayed, prayed, cried, everything seemed silent, but He was listening attentively.

One day I asked him to want to be an instrument of Him in the world, I felt so empty and with a superficial and meaningless life. I wanted to do something more valuable and meaningful in my life. Suddenly I began that God spoke to me, when I asked him for guidance for one situation or another in my life. At first, I didn’t quite understand what such wisdom was or where it came from, but to leave the church happy and smiling, deep down I knew that it was God who was speaking to me, it was Jesus who would speak to me. I realized that in a short time I forgot the messages he gave me, so I decided to write them and from there I have always done so.


Little by little they became part of my life, of my conversations … In one of his messages he told me that I should write a book with all the messages, I thought I had misunderstood, I had never written anything and I have no studies in literature, so I made a web page with all the messages, I was satisfied for a few months, but God insisted that it should be a book, so I obeyed and from there the message books were born that ended up being 3 and one called Guides which is the 4th.

The Story Continues ...

In 2018, I received the first “exercise” (I don't know what else to call it), I could have received other exercises before, but this is the first that I feel I did with such discipline as the one you asked for. From there, they became more followed, they all applied to something that was happening in my life. I must confess, they weren't easy, always making me ...
... get out of my comfort zone, making me do more than I thought I could. Not long ago I understood that I was only cleaning rough edges in me and preparing me for my purpose and giving me everything I need to fulfill it. I still receive exercises, I still do them, the learning does not end, and I hope it does not end, every time I am happier, fuller, more satisfied, with more faith, all thanks to God for all his dedication, patience, love and everything, everything it did to me.

From those exercises were born what were initially going to be diaries that ended up being exercise books, which now became courses, meditations, here we go, I don't know what else He has in this Divine Plan.

I do not feel that I write almost anything, I feel that I lack the truth when I say that I am the one who writes, because I feel that it is God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus who dictates it to me, there is no such wisdom in me. I am a simple typist who writes what is dictated to her, I must also say that in books I put a bit of my humanity in them, but the messages are as they are, I only add commas and periods. In my reserved personality it was very difficult for me to accept that it was I who wrote, everything was bland for a while. Then it was difficult for me to say openly that it was God who dictated to me, I was afraid of being judged by the world. But on this path, from Her hand I have learned to humbly accept my mission, my purpose and my gifts. Everything is Her work, I am only Her instrument in the world, just as I once asked Her to be.

This is the short story of how everything you see here was born

All these materials, I feel, will help to create beings of light, to overcome difficult moments and learn to listen to God in summary to be who God created you to be. I hope they serve you as much as they do me, that they accompany you in dark times, clean up rough edges, discover your greatness and be that being that God created you to be.

Times that seem difficult are simply the preparation for the wonders of the kingdom of God.

He is our abundance and He provides us with everything, everything, always generous, always loving, giving us thousands of opportunities to realize our immense potential. Jesus knows us and knows that we are capable, we just need to believe too, stop seeing ourselves as simple men, God created us and He knows what we are capable of, we have Him within us and we are an instrument, and we are not acting, it is God through us, always. So we must always keep this in mind when acting and allow ourselves to be guided by the God within us, who guides us and speaks to us always and not let ourselves be carried away by worldly feelings that divert us from God’s path, feelings of anger, without forgiveness , of doubt, envy, feeling at a disadvantage, undervaluing our potential.
It is normal to have these feelings, we are human, but we must always remember that God created us and is within us ALWAYS, and does not abandon us.
We have to turn a deaf ear to human feelings and words, and open our hearts to God, where there are only feelings of love, forgiveness, generosity, joy, happiness, compassion, the desire to help others, without judging, without criticizing, we are instruments of God and must always dominate the God within us and not the human with empty and meaningless feelings that do not lead to anything good.

Starting today I will listen, follow and let the God within us dominate, He has the Word, the Truth and Love that we must take to our hearts and bring it to the world to those who need it. This empty, sad world is thirsty for the love of God, represented in you, you are love, you are the Love of God made man, made human, distributes love, the world needs it. I do not deny you, you will be rejected, the heat of love scares those who have never really felt it, but I assure you that they will return for more, because this love only the Love of God fills the soul, the spirit and makes living a full life. Go share my Word, tell it to your brothers, your enemies, friends, the stranger on the corner, the man from the store, who cuts the grass, who serves you, who rejects you.

The rejection is not towards you, much less towards the love and guidance that you profess, it is towards themselves and the thousands of fears that they keep in their hearts, be patient and give LOVE of GOD as Jesus gave it, it is a free love , real, pure … Do not confuse with possessive earthly love, which judges, hopes, rejects, varies and ends. I speak of THE real LOVE of God, of Jesus, from the top of the heavens that is represented in you, in your soul, in your heart, in your smile, in your compassion and in your simple way of loving and giving importance to whom surrounds you. There are many people who are poor in love and you have an unlimited source of love, peace, compassion, wisdom and the Word of God the Father and Jesus are with you.