Course Description

If you feel that you are going through some difficulty in your life, this journey is for you. It will transform how you see your life and everything that happens in it by finding faith and joy.

Find light, faith, look away from the storm, which may not have come, and focus on God, on faith and thus find joy. Fill your life with joy by looking at the rainbow instead of the black storm cloud.

Transform Your Life:
The purpose of this course is that through faith you find joy, you focus on God and His goodness rather than whatever storm your feel you are going through. During the course you grow or even find faith, you see how easy things are when you realized God is in control

Key Concepts Covered in this Course
Transform your life by learning to find peace through faith. Find joy and peace during difficulties. Discover how through God and faith everything is more serene. 
Course Duration
9 weeks
Overcoming Difficulties, being happy during difficult times through growing or even finding faith in God.

Transform the way you see a storm, change worries for faith, anguish for joy, impatience for serenity.

Course Dynamics:
Weekly sessions of learning and  daily exercises to create great habits.
Access Options
Lifetime $150 (or Coming soon Membership to access this and ALL course from $3 to $25 a month)

Course Includes:

  • Audiobook
  • Digital or paper journal
  • Ebook or printed book
  • Videos On Demand
  • Support group

Lifetime Access for this Course

Membership to access ALL Journeys, coming soon

Journey starts on January 11, 2021, stay toon for more updates